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The Phantom Self

The Cluster of Echoes: Book 3

Experiencing ghostly goings-on? Call Occam’s Occult Investigations!

You pride yourself on no-nonsense explanations of so-called paranormal activity, but then your next case takes you to Fetch’s Point. This beautiful but bleak place has a long list of otherworldly phenomena: shadow people, objects that move by themselves, mysterious vanishings and an inexplicable amount of cuttlefish!

You and your team have four days to get to the bottom of it all and solve this investigation.

Is there a portal to Hell?
Has the boundary between parallel universes been breached?
And just what do the doppelgänger want?

But you have to act fast and untangle the paradox, or else you risk being trapped forever in a supernatural vortex.

Are you ready to meet The Phantom Self?

"Another brilliantly-crafted gamebook from one of the genre's rising stars"

"A great example of a modern gamebook"

"This book is incredibly clever in its construction and, without giving anything away, the way it fits together is very satisfying"

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