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The Cluster of Echoes: Book 5


Congratulations, Treasure Hunters!

You are the so-called genius schoolgirl who has made it through to the finale, and if you win the jackpot, then great riches await you. Think about what you could do with all that money. Pay university fees, buy a home or maybe even set up your own business. The world would be your oyster!

All you have to do now is succeed in the Golden Hare Treasure Hunt and it takes place here — in the Shopping Mall. You have arrived with your guardian, Uncle Victor, and are primed and ready for victory. Surely, nothing can stop you…

Only the Treasure Hunt isn’t quite what you were expecting, and the Shopping Mall is definitely not the usual medley of merchandise.

The competition prize is indeed a glittering one, but your pursuit of the treasure takes you to a dark place. You and your uncle will be trapped in a twisted and ruthless nightmare, and to survive, you’ll need to discover what you truly value in life. Money may make the world go round, but it’s also the root of all evil.

What price are you willing to pay in the Shopping Maul?

"This is impeccably put together, and full of intelligent conceits and some horrific images, of course."

 "It's superbly written and flawlessly constructed, deploying clues and codewords to great effect."

"An unsettling mix of the creepy and the ordinary, with some truly horrific ideas and images appearing along the way."

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