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The Cluster of Echoes: Book 4


Welcome to Metamorphosis — Your Transformation Begins Here

Well, that’s what the spa claims, but what you want to know is where does it end? After all, this was the last place your sister visited, and she’s not been seen since!

You’ve heard the rumours and now you’re here to find the truth.

Is Metamorphosis really a spa or is it a cult in disguise?

Has your sister already been brainwashed?

And just who is Mother Amber?

You're going to the health retreat under the pretence of having a mindful detox, but really you're on a mission. Your goal is to find and rescue your sister, but what you discover is far worse than your darkest nightmares. There is a macabre reason why the walls weep…

However, if you and your sister are going to get out alive, there’s only one crucial question to answer.

What will you sacrifice behind the weeping walls?

"Horror in the most mundane places...A very imaginative, unnerving gamebook."

"The writing style is compelling and keeps you wanting more and more...the revelations that you encounter will keep you on your toes throughout."

"The book is elegant, satirical, funny, intriguing and - just occasionally - blooming creepy!"

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