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The Cluster of Echoes: Book 6


500 sections, 6 games, 6 cats, 5 protagonists, 5 members of The Cluster, 2 dice, and only 1 winner — but will it be YOU?


A state of shock descends over The Cluster.

            ‘The cat’s out of the bag. They know. THEY KNOW.’

            ‘But what are they going to do about it?’


That’s a good question, and only you can answer it!

For a long time, The Cluster have been toying with us. Experimenting and probing our weaknesses — all to discover the best way to control us. We were pawns in a game; something to be manipulated for their own interest and amusement.

But this isn’t a game anymore…

It’s about time that The Machinator and the rest of The Cluster get their comeuppance, but will you be the one to deliver the final blow — the coup de grace?

Are you ready to play one last time and win?


In this final encounter, you will play as each of the five plucky survivors from The Cluster’s earlier twisted tests. Only together do you stand any chance of beating the Machinator!

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