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Despite being born and raised in Manchester, England, I don't really like football.

Instead, I am a horror aficionado, devouring Hammer films, slasher pics and Graham Masterton. I'm also a ‘jack of all trades’, having degrees in Biochemistry and Science Communication, and have worked as a barmaid, cleaner, nurse, midwife, teacher and eLearning instructional designer. Although this means that I'm an ‘expert of none’, it has, nevertheless, given me a wealth of experiences that I can draw upon for my books.

I've been married to David – who is a strange combination of rock musician and maths teacher — for a long time, and we now call Berlin our home, even though our German is embarrassingly bad. When not writing, I'm an enthusiastic indoor rock climber, chef of anything vegetarian, and parent of an aggressive, ravenous rescue cat.

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