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The Cluster of Echoes: Book 1

Normally, you turn up at the hospital at 9PM and prepare to face whatever comes through the door. You’ve patched up gunshot wounds, plated broken bones and drained abscesses. Sometimes, you’ve spent the entire night watching TV, feeling bored and just willing the phone to ring. Waiting for something to happen…

But what if something did happen? What would you do if your ordinary routine just turned upside down?

In this adventure, you are not a hero. You’re just a hospital worker who’s caught up in the middle of your worst nightmare.

Will you be able to use your wits and survive?


"One of the best gamebooks ever written"

"..oozing and dripping with atmosphere, this gamebook is incredibly good"

" of the most striking and compelling new gamebooks of the year!"


"If you want some interaction embedded seamlessly into your horror then I cannot recommend Nightshift highly enough."

 "this is a must-read for all gamebook fans,"


"Chilling in places with its almost nightmare themes"

  • At long last, the hardback version of Nightshift is available. It's full to bursting of extra goodies like 8 full page illustrations, the complete set of floor plans, hidden passage locations and puzzle solutions.


  • Maybe you bought the original but now a new and improved version of Nightshift is here and with it, an extra section, no less. No fear! You can get section 401 here and meet The Cluster...

  • When I revisited Nightshift, I found the long-lost remnants of the original novel. The rest has long been consigned to history but 13 pages survive! Please excuse the poor copy editing and atrocious police dialogue!

  • And if you want to know more about the background of Nightshift, my blog post "Behind the Scenes" reveals all!

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