From daydreams to novels, there's no greater escape than into a story

The Alchemist's Folly is REVISED and REVAMPED! Now available with a new cover, 8 full page illustrations, a whole new section 401 AND you'll find all the puzzle solutions and hidden passages in the hardback edition! 

AVAILABLE NOW! The 4th book in The Cluster of Echoes hexalogy. Are you ready to discover the macabre secrets that lurk 'Behind the Weeping Walls'?

If you liked Nightshift, then welcome to Black Death and Bluebells! Who's behind the Plague Doctor mask, how did they end up in the hospital and just what's going on with the bees? Available only in the anthology 'Terror Unleashed

If you haven't had enough of lockdowns, get your teeth into these 16 short stories about an apocalyptic future. Pandemic Unleashed features my tale 'Whatever it Takes' - what would you do to survive?

Ramblings of a madwoman or insights to gamebook writing? You be the judge!

Check out my interview with the Instadeath Survivors podcast.

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