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Waiting for the GAME OVER hardback from Amazon UK?

Unfortunately, it may be a long wait. Despite many messages back and forth, it is unclear when the issue will be fixed.

The issue apparently affects only hardback books from multiple authors in the UK marketplace, and whilst Amazon's technical team are working on it, they cannot say when, or even if, the hardback will be available. 

If you choose to switch to the paperback, then feel free to ask me for any help or hints with the puzzles - it's the least I can do!

NEW RELEASE! The final installment in The Cluster of Echoes hexalogy is here, and the hardback version has all the puzzle solutions and lots of extra goodies! 

Are you ready to play for the last time and win? Or will it be GAME OVER...?

If you liked Nightshift, then welcome to Black Death and Bluebells! Who's behind the Plague Doctor mask, how did they end up in the hospital and just what's going on with the bees? Available now as eBook and paperback!

Qatlas Maps has designed complete maps of the Nightshift hospital and the house, folly and crucible in The Alchemist's Folly. They are utterly gorgeous and have every clue, monster and death marked down! And you can check out their other maps from

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